Cabin crew take your seats for landing..

Torrential rain, that’s how we’ll remember leaving the UK (with a nice hug of course from my big sister!) If we start to get homesick over the next few weeks – we’ll just think of the rain, dark nights and popping the heating on, but we will miss Strictly on Saturday nights…

We had a fabulous flight from Heathrow to Mexico City (sorry Branson but BA every time!) overnight stop in a very comfy bed at hotel Camino Real Aeropuerto and then the following morning it was time to fly to Puerto Escondido.

We used to fly with Aeromar on previous trips, however with extra luggage this time, we chose Interjet. We had 2 bags each stuffed full to keep us going for the next 18 months so with an allowance of 110lb per person, Interjet came out top. With lower fare prices, more leg room than ever before the flight was nearly full. 40 minutes later we landed in Puerto Escondido.

I remembered to take some photos and although its a bit cloudy, it gives you and an idea of  see the size of the town.

Flying in, you can see Bacocho beach with the airstrip in the background.

2014-11-13 19.20.41

Puerto main town and the Rinconada area.

2014-11-13 19.21.27

Beautiful Carrizalillo Beach – access by trotting down ‘stairs from hell’ or by water taxi

2014-11-13 19.21.37

Main town Marinero Beach and the big surfing pipeline of Zicatella beach.

2014-11-13 19.21.58

So for now we’re settling in, getting used to the heat and most likely drinking rum..


3 thoughts on “Cabin crew take your seats for landing..”

  1. Glad to hear you have arrived to the warmth of Puerto. Hope to see you in January. Will you still be there? We are arriving on Dec. 31st, in time to celebrate the New Year and my birthday.


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