O Star of Wonder, Star of Night…

“We Three Kings of Orient are, one on a motorbike, one in a car, one on a scooter blowing his hooter…”

Yes, I know very childish! But I’m singing these replacement words to the Christmas Carol today; January 6th as we celebrate the last of the Christmas festivities with ‘Dia de Reyes Magos’ Feast of the Three Kings Day.

Modern day Santa Claus of course visits children on the 25th December all over the world, however Kings Day is the traditional date that Mexican children receive their presents symbolising Epiphany when the Three Wise Men bought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus by following the Star to Bethlehem.  In Puerto Escondido there were plenty of toys being sold at the weekend in SuperChe and on Avenida Oaxaca for all the good children!

2015-01-05 11.41.12

Mexicans will be drinking hot chocolate or Coca Cola and eating a slice of ‘Rosca de Reyes’ this kings ring is a round or oval sweet bread cake decorated with candied fruits. Inside the cake there is a small plastic baby Jesus, whoever finds the figurine in their slice (without swallowing him!) then has to host a dinner party on the 2nd February. This date will celebrate ‘Dia de la Candelaria’ Candlemas Day which was the day Jesus was presented to the temple after his birth. The lucky finder of the baby Jesus doll will then take him to be blessed in church on the 2nd before hosting the party and providing yummy Tamales for all the guests.


We are discovering plenty of wonderful fiestas in Mexico, all with food, drinks and happy people.

Feliz Ano Nuevo 2015!!


4 thoughts on “O Star of Wonder, Star of Night…”

  1. I love your travelogue posts Sarah. You’re both obviously having a very rewarding experience. I watched Live in Berlin today and remembered sharing the experience of the O2 gig with you! Look forward to your next post xx


    1. Hi Ange!
      Thank you so much,I’m so happy you’re enjoying the posts.
      We’ve been listening to ‘Live in Berlin’ lots but haven’t watched the DVD yet. It was a fun time indeed!


  2. Yummy!! We had a similar tradition of the mini Jesus when I live in Greece. Lovely idea and I wish we did more like this at home. save Some of that yummy cake for me? xx


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