Que haces cada dia?

Enjoying doing nothing… is the answer to the question: What do you do everyday?

Our first 3 months away are practically one big holiday without the holiday money! Based in Puerto Escondido we get a chance to live a very relaxed lifestyle. Of course we are on a budget so we don’t have the luxury of eating out and drinking cocktails everyday like we do when we visit for 2 weeks on holiday. So our days consist of all the normal everyday activities without of course going to work! (Yes, I hear you yawning at me back in the UK, I’m not trying to make you jealous at all…honestly)

However, daily life in tropical Mexico is of course a bit different than back home. Let me start with the weather. Everyone that messages me wants to know if it’s still hot? We haven’t seen rain since the first day we arrived back in November and we don’t think we will see rain until maybe March in the Guatemalan highlands when we get going on our road trip. The average daily temperature in Puerto is about 29C and it’s sunny with blue skies everyday. The last few weeks have seen some clouds and it’s been chilly first thing in the mornings about 20C. So we are always hot, my top lip is pretty much permanently sweaty in the gorgeous sunshine (just thought I’d drop that pretty picture in…) and its heavenly wearing flip-flops all the time.

Living and cooking in our outdoor kitchen is just amazing. My favourite place is sat at the table in our little living area doing travel research for our year ahead.


There is a saying in Puerto ‘Don’t do more than one task a day’ whether that’s going food shopping, doing the laundry or some other chore. A: because you need to spread your week out and B: because it’s so hot you’ll get tired and you’ll need an afternoon siesta. You’ll need a siesta anyway but let’s not overdo things! It’s a slow way of life and learning to adjust takes time. We are so used to our convenient, fast paced lifestyles it’s quite a transition. The Mexican way is all about today not looking ahead, not planning for the future just living for the day. Generally if someone says’ yes it will be ready in a couple of hours’ they actually mean it might be ready tomorrow and you have to accept that’s just the way things work here…

2015-01-19 16.22.30

The other reason you’ll need a siesta is that Puerto is an early rise kinda place, we get woken each day by the lively dawn chorus, imagine Alan Carr saying ‘ooh get you’ that’s what the birds here sound like. Then we hear a man at the local market a few streets over on a microphone calling out to the ‘Ama de casa’ Housewives see what I have today for you; tomatoes, avocados, oranges, peppers… and I’m sure he even sells the kitchen sink if we wanted it. He sells the same stuff everyday with the same calls over the microphone. No need for an alarm clock whatsoever.

Generally our weeks are super low stress; we seem to be pretending we are retired! Mr E gets up 3 times a week at 6.30am to go to tennis, early before it gets too hot to play, the goats aren’t impressed though. I have been attending a wonderful yoga class once a week and I’m getting better at understanding the Spanish instructions but my boobs still get in the way…

20150120_131720 20150109_084856

We read a lot, walk the beach, swim and snorkel on our touristy beach days, go out to buy bread and super fresh super size vegetables at the produce market and go to the beach to watch the most amazing colours in the sunsets, (My sunset photo collection may get out of control!)

20150110_181416 20141119_162601

Friday nights are date nights with 2×1 sunset cocktails at one of the many great restaurants we can choose from,  our budget is 250 pesos about £12 this gets us 2 cocktails each and dinner. Bargain!

I study some Spanish each week and read travel guides on where we are going to visit over the next year. My new hobby is sketching and painting (thanks to Gary Evans for the encouragement!) I aim each week to improve so the pictures don’t look like an 8 year old drew them!  With the help of the arty Twitter community I have access to view their original daily art works to aspire to.


Our most stressful part of the week has been our weekly trip to the supermarket Chedraui, you need a cold shower after a visit! Over the last few months this supermarket has seen some major hot dusty renovations resulting in your shopping cart getting wedged in the channelled out cement floors and pallets of goods everywhere so getting a trolley around was challenging…But with the installation of aircon, an electric escalator, additional tills and wider aisles its starting to resemble a Tesco Extra! We have high hopes our shopping trip may become a highlight of the week. They even have price comparison shopping carts – it’s just like Aldi!


Right time for me to take a dip in the pool…oh and yes for those that asked: its really hot, sweaty slip out of your flip flops, sweaty back hot. And I love it!



2 thoughts on “Que haces cada dia?”

  1. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun out there. And knowing how hard you’ve worked to get to make this trip possible, you deserve this lovely downtime … I think I’d be itching to get onto the adventure part at this stage though! 😉


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