Happiness in the Garden of Evans

Outdoor living rocks! Waking up everyday and taking 5 steps from your bedroom to feel the warm sun on your face is very special and makes me really happy. Standing barefoot making a cup of tea, (T-bag stock is getting low…send help!) while the sun shimmers across the crystal clear swimming pool certainly is a tonic for the mind and soul.

We are so lucky that we get to live in the apartment underneath the house of Uncle Billy and lovely Mel, so lucky we get to view the stunning blue sea and curving bay of Puerto Escondido, so lucky we can use the pool everyday and so lucky that we can sit drinking our tea looking out to the luscious gardens.

Tropical living is in high definition technicolour, everything here is brighter, from the sea and sky to all the fabulous flowers, the colour switch has been cranked right up!


The garden has so many varieties of fruit growing its hard to actually believe it! Frutas: Chop off the top of a pineapple, plant it and 3 years later you’ll have your own tasty Pina, there are 3 growing fruit at the moment, one is absolutely teeny weenie and its very cute. Juicy Papayas, bright yellow Starfruit grow and the banana tree will provide more fruit again later in the year. There is an orange tree that hasn’t quite managed to get its fruit from green to orange just yet probably due to a colony of ants marching in file to strip its leaves every night. The freezer is full of quartered zesty limes that have been steadily dropping from the tree. The limes are similar to key limes in taste, they start out green and turn yellow when ripe, perfect to add to a G&T! Mango Season is just coming about, the trees are smothered with blossoms that will turn into tiny buds and grow into big juicy mangos. There are 5 trees here that will produce bucket & bucket loads of mangos every week from April to June. So many mangos the house was re-named Casa Los Mangos.


Nuez: Swaying palm trees fringe the outskirts of the gardens and coconuts can be chopped down. Rene the gardener/handyman extraordinaire (he can do everything around the house and garden, he is also on hand to remove any Mexican Critters that I can’t quite deal with too!) Rene will machete the coconuts so they can be refrigerated ready for a delicious coco frio. Pop a straw in the top of the coconut and sip the coco water, its so refreshing and is a great for re-hydration. There is a large almond tree that produces a fruit about the size of a small lemon, bash it in with a hammer and a fresh almond will be inside, you need a lot though for a good handful of nuts to accompany a beer…


Insectos y animales: Mexican critters share this paradise living, some are amazing creatures such as dragonflies and cicadas and some – well lets just say wrigglies that you don’t ever want to find them in your pants!

Living in the garden next to the pool are two Iguanas Lizzie the female and Iggy the male, Dale our neighbour collects the red hibiscus flowers for them every morning and they literally hoover them down. They love strawberries, bananas and papaya. I have managed to hand feed Lizzie banana and this absolutely made my day!

The cutest little hummingbirds visit every morning and evening at the same time, they make a suckling noise as they whizz around from flower to flower collecting the sweet nectar.


However there are plenty of critters that we don’t like; stinging scorpions (Sarah’s flip-flop 5 v scorpions 1), scuttling cockroaches, silent but deadly mosquitoes and a variety of bugs that would eat your face off in the night if they had a chance! We love the salmon coloured geckos that stick to ceilings like spiderman and will gobble up the flying bugs throughout the night – they do leave a trail of tiny gecko droppings though in the morning!


Casa Los Mangos has 3 pets; Tigger the stealthy lizard catching pussycat, Nelly the slightly dim but lovable bitch and Poncho the male dog who pretty much rules the house. During the night we often hear Poncho giving out his ‘Tlacuache’ bark, he will find a Possum in the garden, barks proudly to alert Mel to come and see what he’s found. The Possum then plays dead, it’s so funny to see – even when Poncho picks him up in his mouth it won’t move, Mel scoops it up in a bucket throws it out in the street and then it miraculously comes to life and scuttles away to live another day.


Billy and Mel have created a wonderful garden full of gorgeous colourful flowers, fruit trees and luscious greenery.  We really are living in the Garden of Evans; let’s just hope we don’t get any slithery serpents coming to join us!


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