March Itinery in the Big Blue Jeep

Driving trip through Mexico and Belize, details listed just for our records to look back on….

1st March: Puerto Escondido – Minatitlan

520km,  7.5hrs, poor road conditions on Mex185 after turning past Salina Cruz. Lots of potholes and topes.

3 tolls: $30, $60, $55 = $145

Hotel: City Express

Highlights: the road out..

2nd March: Minatitlan – Campeche on scenic Mex180.

565km, 8hrs, once through Cuidad Del Carmen the road is a stunning straight drive alongside the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

5 tolls: $60, $65, $17, $55 & $70 = $267

Hotel: H177

Highlights: Walking along the Malecon at sunset, historic city walls and pretty coloured painted buildings along narrow cobbled streets.

3rd March: Campeche – Merida

172km, 2.5hrs, no tolls and much improved road conditions.

Hotel: Plaza Mirador

Highlights: Paseo De Montejo, historic centre and tourist ‘hop on & hop off’ bus for good city overview $100pp

5th March: Merida – Cancun 

304km, 3.5hrs, straight roads with good driving conditions.

2 very expensive tolls: $262 & $152 = $414

Hotel: Grand City Plaza 

Highlights: beautiful sugar white beaches with clear aqua waters. $10.50 on the R2 bus from Walmart to the hotel zone and Playa Delfines.

6th March: Cancun – Isla Mujeres 

20km with car ferry from Punta Sam, 1hr.

Ferry: $465 car and 2 persons

Hotel: Chac Chi Hotel and Suites

Highlights: Playa Norte for shallow clear water and snow sand.

10th March: Isla Mujeres – Cancun 

20km with car ferry, 1hr.

Ferry: $465 car and 2 persons

Hotel: La Quinta Inn and Suites 

Highlights: super service at Automotriz Caribe but no Jeep fix due to cost.

12th March: Cancun – Akumal 

80km, no tolls and great straight flat roads.

Hotel: Las Villas Akumal 

Highlights: gorgeous apartment right on the beach to celebrate my birthday.

14th March: Akumal via Tulum to Chetumal 

250km, 3hrs on a straight road.

Tulum $85 to park $64pp entry fee.

Hotel: City Express

Highlights: Birthday tea at Applebees!

15th March: Chetumal to Belize City to Caye Caulker.

158km, 3hrs

Border crossing from Mexico to Belize: Exit fees $350pp

No entry fees to Belize – required 2 days mandatory car insurance $14US

Belize new Northern Highway should be avoided due to unfinished road surfaces, go via Corozal instead.

Car parking at Ramada Belize City for 6 nights $155BZD

Water taxi from Belize City to Caye Caulker $29BZD return.

Hotel: Hummingbird Annex through AirBnB 

Highlights: Snorkel day with Tsunami Adventures, cayaking and no Jeep.

21st March: Caye Caulker to Belize City to Chetumal

158km, 3hrs

Caye Caulker water taxi: 45mins

Belize City via Corozal to Chetumal: 2.15hrs

Border crossing: Exit fees $37.50 BZD get new Mexican Tourist permit at Immigration before going through exit.

Chetumal hotel: Fiesta Inn

Highlights: Indian restaurant on the Malecon.

22nd March: Chetumal to Villahermosa

576km, 7hrs straight roads, worth stopping at Mayan ruins Becan right next to the Mex186 out of Chetumal.

Tolls: 2 × $20 = $40

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express

Highlights: Colossus Olmec heads at Parque la Venta.

23rd March: Villahermosa to Minatitlan

183km, 2hrs good road conditions

4 tolls: $60 & $17 = $77

Hotel: City Express

Highlights: the road out.

24th March: Minatitlan to Huatulco

447km,  6.5hrs worse roads – poor conditions

3 tolls: $60, $55 & $30 = $145

Hotel: Binniguenda All Inclusive

Highlights. free night through

25th March: Huatulco to Puerto Escondido 

107km, 2hrs, no tolls, winding roads to Potutula then topes all the way to P.E.

Home: Casa Los Mangos!!

Mexican $ peso prices listed unless indicated with US or Belizean dollars.

£1 = $22 pesos

£1 = $1.50 US dollars

£1 = $3 Belizean dollars

TOTAL 3560 KM = 2212 Miles (mas o menos..)


March map


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