El Dia de la Santa Cruz

Just after 6am we hear BANG BANG BANG. We’re used to the Mexican Alarm clock by now: dogs, roosters, trumpets, trucks and microphoned salesmen but this morning it was different. An array of firework rockets were being sent up into the sky resulting in extremely loud bangs reverberating over the valley.

We’re in San Miguel de Allende, it’s about 140 miles north of Mexico City, it’s stunning and I don’t want to leave tomorrow. Today though the 3rd of May is a celebration for El Dia de la Santa Cruz. We are staying on El Chorro, at the end of the road is the church of Santa Cruz so the neighborhood has been in full fiesta mode. Santa Cruz in spanish translates to Holy Cross.


El Dia de la Santa Cruz feast day has been tradionally celebrated by builders and construction workers in Mexico. A cross will be decorated with flowers and placed high on buildings still under construction. On Friday evening we didn’t realise the group of builders on the roof behind us were getting merry on cervezas and tequilas for this reason, we just thought it was a Friday night end of work get together!

Back to the Bangs, it started early at the crack of dawn to ward off any evil spirts – frighten those bad ghoolies away with fireworks, works a treat! The very loud bangs have been continuous for most of the day and have continued to scare the bejeesus our of me!


El Chorro looks so pretty with its garlands of paper buntings strung up. Throughout the day there have been bands playing music, parades of children dressed up, piñata smashing, prayers in the church, tacos are being eaten and a band are playing right now,  plus there are more banger fireworks.

The community really come together and it reminds me of village May Day fetes in the UK but with more trumpeting and aye yah yah yaah’s. …


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