San Miguel de Allende is an artists dream city, a pallet of colours waiting to be transfered to canvas, orange sunsets are vast across the dusk skies, sunrises have misty tones, sunlight fills the cobbled streets with its vibrant blue, terracotta and yellow colonial buildings, the rooftop terraces have a blast of green fern against the bright blue skies. The colours of SMA are simply put as happy!


Our recent trip to SMA coincided with a not so happy and unfortunate dose of food poisoning. Something we ate in Mexico City had left us feeling pretty fragile. Our AirBnB apartment however was glorious to laze about in and to let the course of antibiotics do their magic on our mysterious bacteria.


When I did go out exploring the beauty of San Miguel de Allende (leaving Mr E behind in bed again – he was still man down..) I was enamoured with the colonial buildings that housed a vast array of art galleries, gift shops and coffee shops. This was like being in a Mexican town in America, kind of a Mexico light! 20% of the population of SMA are expats, mainly retired Americans enjoying this extremely civilised golden way of life.


The defining landmark at the heart of SMA is that of La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, the parish church of San Miguel. It’s gothic architecture has been likened to a huge wedding cake. At sunset the pink sandstone of the spires glow and the whole church lights up as if it’s in a spotlight from the heavens.


We didn’t get to visit all the places I wanted to tick off on my wish list due illness, but that gives us an excellent reason to return again very soon.


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