Mango Mania!

#MangoMay has been on my Twitter feed all month. We are living in Casa Los Mangos where each spring 5 glorious mango trees burst to life dropping their juicy fruit for all to enjoy. Mel does her daily mango delivery run all over Puerto Escondido, if there is a bag of mangos left on your doorstep you know Mel has been by! The local neighbours have been in collecting them in large buckets, we give a bag of the yummy yellows to all the shop keepers we visit and we have freezers full of the sweet pulp – we are mangoed out!

The list is endless we’ve made mango pie, smoothies, salsa, salads, jellies, chutney, margaritas and our favourite Mango Daquiries, mmm!


We’ve all been dodging falling mangos, avoiding bashing our heads on the hanging mango, fallen mangos have been covering the parked Jeeps and Rene has been picking up mangos by the wheelbarrow.


When rainy season arrives mango season ends, we had the first big rain last week and our house neighbours had an unexpected attack of the mango tree.

We all heard a loud SMACK that sounded like Billy belly flopping in the pool and then saw that a third of one of the mango trees had snapped off and onto Dale & Libbys Jeep. The sheer weight of the mangos was too much for the branches. The heavy branch just missed the windscreen but dented the hood and sidepanel.


The next morning Rene set to work chopping it up manually with his trusty machete. Mexican men sure know how to wield a knife!


The branches were chopped, the local neighbours collected the wood to use in their comal burner to make tacos on. The Jeep had its dings repaired and was painted back to its former glory.

Dale is away in America, now if we don’t tell him do you think he will notice??

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