Giving Thanks on Midsummer Day

The eclectic drumming stopped, the chanting crowd of about 36,000 pagans, party goers, druids, hippies and us 4 regular..ish Coventry girls in our flowered headdresses all stood still and quiet with faces drawn towards the most glorious golden sun which was rising up over the green Wiltshire fields. We stood mesmerised on the exact same spot, where for the last 4000 years worshippers have witnessed the sun perfectly aligning through the Heel Stone at the prehistoric stone circle of Stonehenge. The energy of the crowd and the glowing sun revitalised our tired chilly faces on the Summer Solstice June 2014.


It was a wonderful feeling knowing that on the Summer Solstice 2015 I would be in Central America somewhere. I felt so lucky to have taken part in this wonderful event with Dawn, Krista and Tina. Since that glowing Saturday morning last June, I regularly slow my mind to remind myself how wonderfully blessed I am seeing such amazing places on our 18 month adventure.

So on this longest day of the year June 21st, the Summer Solstice or Litha, which means a stopping or standing still of the sun. I was hoping to greet the rising sun again and give thanks for a wonderful year. Instead this Midsummer I am greeting the rain, thunder and lighting!  It’s rainy season and I’m in green verdant tropical Carribean Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. At 5am I left a sleeping Mr E, put on my raincoat and walked a few steps from the Banana Azul hotel to the stormy beach.


This year I was alone, not another person was in sight and I loved it. The ominous grey clouds were overhead, the waves crashed up onto the beach and the rain splashed all around me.


It was a complete contrast to Midsummer last year, with nature doing its thing all around me as it has done since the beginning of time, I stood still, quiet and completely happy.


Midsummer joy to all!


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