Let the Potato eating commence…

Oh Canada!

Yes that’s right, we’re in Canada! We’ve diverted from the travel plans spending time in Mexico, Central and South America to have a month of normality in Canada and California with friends and family.

Since booking our tickets for Canada I’ve been excited about shopping and visiting a Dollar store, Mr E has been hankering for poutine.

If you haven’t had poutine before you are missing out on a fabulous treat, it’s practically a food group on its own.

Poutine at its best is a plate of freshly cut handmade chips, thick brown gravy and chopped up cheese curds. At this stage you’re either salivating at the thought of this delight or making a scrunched up face that is showing utter disgust. But let me tell you poutine is a delicious homey comforting mouthful of yumminess.


After arriving in Toronto airport late on Monday night, Gary Evans picked us up and whisked us off to stay with family Evans for the week. Their home is in Alliston, which is an hour north of Toronto, it’s a cute town of about 15,000 people surrounded by farming fields of corn, soy and potatoes. Happy Boris corn growing entrepreneur provided us with just picked delicious sweetcorn for the BBQ.


We’re visiting the Evans family during the week of the Alliston Potato festival, more to come on this spectacular yearly event though later in the week!

To get this week underway in praise of the potato, Mr E was after a portion of good traditional Canadian poutine.

Originating from Quebec province, in Québécois slang poutine means ‘mushy mess’ and it’s now quite the posh food fad of the moment. Wendy’s and McDonald’s have recently added their version of poutine to the fast food menu but this really should be avoided at all costs.


In England we have always had regional varieties; chips n gravy – northern, chips n cheese – Welsh,  chips n pitta – southern but the addition of the cheese curd would have been poo pooed by late night revellers looking for carb laden munchies, the donner kebab proving to be the choice of drunkards. There are now new restaurants selling gastro styled poutine popping up all over London town, catering to the trendy skinny jeaned wearing hipsters, however gravy, curds and beards really shouldn’t be introduced to each other!


In Canada, an independent Mom and Pop restaurant or a roadside chip shack are best for serving the finest home styled poutine. Today we chose Judy’s Chip Wagon for a lunch time poutine chowfest. It didn’t disappoint, gooey cheese mixed with tasty gravy and chips were firm yet chewy.


Mr E was happy with this unique taste sensation, I expect there may be more poutine tasting this week…


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