Sunshine Saturday on the Severn!

Our weekend trip visiting our Canadian/Mexican friends Nancy, Len, Jesse and Kelly continued on Saturday with the sun burning through the morning mist for a glorious day of sunshine, heat and fun splashing about on the River Severn.


Len & Nancy’s daughter Carly arrived late on Friday evening from Toronto, after a busy working week with her husband Scott and their two lovely children Kylie and Jack. The cottage was full of family and we were welcomed with open arms.


Saturday morning was a hive of activity on the homestead, while Carly set up an art station for the kids to paint rocks, trees and quite a lot over themselves, the guys split logs, Kelly was on wheelbarrow duty ferrying logs to the bonfire pit ready for our Saturday evening campfire.


With chores all done it was time to mess about on the river. After a brief shock to the system in the cold freshwater it felt wonderful to swim out to the pontoon to then warm up sitting in the sun. Mr E had his first attempt at paddle boarding, he did really well avoiding falling in the river, however the neighbours 6 year granddaughter made it look far too easy though!


Carly’s golden labrador Jersey was a total pro diving from the dock to retrieve a stick, so not to be outdone Bosley the Bernese Mountain puppy dog, learnt how to fetch a stick thrown from the dock. This amazed Carly & Kelly as he’s only just started to swim the weekend before!



At sunset, Carly drove the boat up river so we could watch the lowering sun glistening over the water which was just a perfect way to bid the sun goodnight.



Our sunny Saturday ended with a delicious BBQ dinner and campfire standard practice of roasting marshmallows over the glowing embers.



It was the most wonderful weekend spending time on the river in cottage country, thank you so much Biggart family for your hospitality, we had a blast!


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