Alliston Evans!

Gary Evans is a coordinator of fine arts, museum and galleries programme at Georgian College in Barrie.


He regularly shows his art exhibits at the Paul Petro Comtempary Art Gallery on Queen Street West, Toronto.



His style of oil paintings are a mix of contemporary landscape painting fused with his own psychedelic perspective.



His latest exhibit Ghost Host included a  suite of collages which reference classic modernism. His latest review is a piece of art on its own! Click on the link below to have read.



As well as being a crazily talented he is absolutely one of the nicest people we know. Always upbeat, positive and lots of fun. Oh and he plays guitar & sings too!


Rachel Evans is an art school teacher where her students learn drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and art history in her classes.


Rachel specialises in sketching and painting people. The Evans home is full of stunning portraits, where Rachel has captured fabulous images of her gorgeous girls Charlotte and Georgia.



Whenever we think of Rachel its mainly for her interest in the different political party candidates and the complexities of Canadian politics however I’m not sure the word ‘Douchebag’ is readily used on political campaigns but maybe it should be…

During school holidays Rachel likes travelling, enjoying spending time in Florida and has a fabulous knowlegde of weather! Rachel made us feel totally at home during our stay in Alliston and we loved spending time together. I’m also now a converted Tequila drinker as Rachel introduced me to a delicious 1930’s Tequila cocktail!


Charlotte and Georgia are stunningly beautiful, polite, super intellectual, they can play guitar and sing like angels.


With such creative parents it’s no wonder they have found their own artistic ways. Charlotte is a talented writer having tons of fan fiction hits online. Georgia has a natural talent for stage musicals, her star turn portrayal of Lord Farquaard in Shrek totally brought the house down.

So after a few weeks in Canada with our cousins, the British Evans are left feeling a bit intellectually inferior! But with art inspiration all around me I  had opportunity to try out oil painting with help from Gary, I guess all you need is a bit of creativity to rub off..


Thank you Evans family we have loved spending time with you all in Alliston.


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