Where it was Heavenly

“The best view the whole world affords” – Mark Twain

See he pops us everywhere! I found out more about Mark Twain in Calaveras County than I ever knew, then at 9123ft on Malcolm’s observation deck looking out over glorious Lake Tahoe, we see a plaque displaying another of his affable quotes that is oh so appropriate.


Hugging the 72 miles of pristine lakeshore are sandy beaches, cabin style accommodations, outdoor activities, watersports galore and plenty of hiking paths.


We visited spectacular South Lake Tahoe on our recent trip, staying in Stateline just on the edge of the California/Nevada border where you can gamble while sipping $1 tequila’s.


We stayed at Montbleu, which is small casino reminiscent of an old town Vegas Freemont Street hotel but with much nicer rooms.


Mr E was celebrating his birthday when we took the Heavenly gondola to the top of the mountain. If you halve him he’s still in his twenties… but one Mr E is quite sufficient!


During the winter months Lake Tahoe is a very popular skiing destination, where there are plenty of organised ski lifts, that will take you up to pure mountain air at 9580ft.


It felt great up there, I’m sure if we had gone off hiking though, we would have definitely been out of breath. We didn’t take our trainers with us and Birks aren’t really made for wandering on tops of mountains!



Lake Tahoe is simply gorgeous with emanating colours of aqua, turquoise and emerald blue waters.


The lake is fed fresh, healthy waters from mountain streams, which keep the lake so clear and clean. With northern California experiencing horrendous wildfires, the skyline from the west was tinged with hazy smoke.


Even in winter months the lake never freezes due to water movement from bottom to top. At its deepest point the lake is 1645ft to give you some context (as so nicely displayed in the information centre!) Chicago Sears Tower is 1450ft – so yes that’s deep!


But just to bend your mind the deepest part of the lake is actually lower in elevation than nearby Carson City at 4802ft.


No wonder the air is so fresh, the ponderosa pines are so green and the cocktails taste so good…


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