Feliz Día de la Independencia

Today September 16th, Mexicans are celebrating Independence Day.



It’s a national holiday where schools, offices and banks are closed. Here in Puerto Escondido the beaches will be busy with families proudly taking time to remember the ‘El Dia De La Independencia’ and party of course with micheladas and plenty of sabritas snacks.image


Our local supermarket ‘Chedraui’ was decorated in the colours of the Mexican flag and there were lots of promotional offers for the holiday.



Today all over Mexico there will be celebrations with parades, patriotic music and marching bands trumpeting through the streets.image

Spain had conquered Mexico in the 16th century, it changed the country bringing European architecture, the Spanish language and an oppressed life under a Spanish king. After many years of revolts, in 1810 it was finally time for Mexicans to come together to overthrow the Spanish rule.

Although The Mexican War for Independence and freedom from Spain wasn’t actually achieved until September 1821, Mexicans celebrate the ‘Cry from Dolores’ on September 16th as their Independence Day.

On this day in the small town of Dolores in 1810, with the church bell ringing, Father Miguel Hidalgo led the historic revolutionary call for action. Mexicans celebrate this ‘Grito de Dolores‘ where Hidalgo encouraged Mexicans to revolt and take up arms against the Spanish.


Last night in Mexico City as is customary at 11pm, the President of Mexico will have recited the Grito de Dolores to huge crowds in the Zocalo. The original bell that was rung in the church at Dolores is now housed at the National Palace. This bell is rung out to honour the leaders and for those who fought for Independence, after this there would have been plenty of fireworks and time for fiesta.

Here in Puerto we watched the fireworks light up the town, luckily by 11pm the seasonal storms had passed over and in the towns main square the Grito de Dolores reenactment would have been dry…that is apart from plenty of mescal being shared of course!

We continue to be happy that we are guests living in Mexico this year and enjoy everything that is Mexican.

To all the proud friendly Mexicans “Feliz Día de La Independencia”



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