Keeping up with LFC…

Mr E loves 3 simple things in life – watching sports, Liverpool Football Club and me… and not necessarily in that order! Social media makes the world a much smaller place now, so during our 3 months in South America it wasn’t hard for Mr E to keep up with the fixtures.
I bloody hate football, as it overtakes our lives and we end up watching games first thing in the mornings wherever we are while out of the UK. Mr E downloads those radio podcasts where grown men just talk about football, to me it just sounds like the teacher on the Charlie Brown cartoons…blah, blah, blah…
Although I’ll never understand the fascination with supporting a football team, Mr E supports Liverpool FC through thick and thin, there has been a lot of stressful times! Mr E will remember where we were on our trip by where he watched football, so this blog post is just for him!

31.10.15: Chelsea 1 v Liverpool 3
The Lord Jim Pub, Rio de Janeiro
Drank Amstel and ate cheesy chips. LFC played well, the ‘Special One’ got pissy with nothing to say.

08.11.15: Liverpool 1 v Crystal Palace 2
Mr E on his own in the Varadero Palace Hotel Reception
Dissapointing score but good picture quality he said!

21.11.15: Man City 1 v Liverpool 4
On the giant HDTV in the Buenos Aires apartment, drinking tea. Mr E was happy.

29.11.15 Liverpool 1 v Swansea 0
On an aeroplane to Easter Island much to the digust of Mr E missing out and getting twitchy not knowing the result.

02.12.15 Southampton 1 v Liverpool 6
Trying to keep up via Twitter with dodgy Internet on Easter Island, final score better than the Big Heads..

06.12.15 Newcastle 2 v Liverpool 0
Watching in bed at hotel in La Serena. Misery!

12.12.15 Liverpool 2 v West Bromwich 2
Dissapointing result while on the TurBus from San Pedro de Atacama to Iquique.

20.12.15 Watford 3 v Liverpool 0
Sat in cosy bed in Puno drinking Coca Tea. Ridiculous result.

26.12.15 Liverpool 1 v Leicester 0
Happy with result on arrival in Machu Picchu Pueblo after train journey from Cusco.

30.12.15 Sunderland 0 v Liverpool 1
Watched on Arequipa hotel TV in the breakfast room alone, good result.

02.01.16 West Ham 2 v Liverpool 0
Pathetic result watching in bed in Arequipa

05.01.16 Stoke 0 v Liverpool 1
Cup match watched on fuzzy TV in hotel Paracas.
Gotta be happy with that result.

09.01.16 Exeter 2 v Liverpool 2
FA Cup Game, watched on the sofa with Cusquena beers in the airbnb apartment in Miraflores, Lima.

17.01.16 Liverpool 0 v Manchester Utd 1
Dissapointment over missed goal opportunities, in hotel room, Cuenca

20.01.16 Liverpool 3 v Exeter City 0
FA Cup not watched as out for the day in Quito, score found in the Liverpool Pub!!

23.01.16 Norwich 4 v Liverpool 5
Cracking result watched in Mindo bungalow while it rained outside.

26.01.16 Liverpool 0 v Stoke 1
Kept up with score via twitter in Bogota airport waiting for plane back to Mexico, into the Cup Final.

And remember with LFC... You’ll Never Walk Alone..


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