Life is better at the beach..

Beachlife is joyous; walking on sunbaked grainy sand, feeling hot sunshine from bright blue skies beat down on your shoulders, getting your hair blown about in hairdryer heated winds, drinking cold beers in coozies, relaxing on loungers watching families laugh and play at the waters edges, eating super fresh delicious seafood and sipping  from cold green coconuts.  Life at the beach is happiness!

We’re already thinking about our return to the UK, moving back into our little Corsham house and getting back into work mode. It’s exciting to return (my daily mantra as I click my heels and cry is “I’m happy to go home, I’m happy to go home”..) how could I not be sad to be leaving fabulous Mexico? So this blog post is totally selfish and just for me! I can look back on sunny photographs and relive those beach moments in a heartbeat.

Let me take you on a the beaches of Oaxaca

Situated on the Pacific Ocean, Oaxaca is a southern state in Mexico with a coast that has long sandy beaches framed by palm trees, lagoons and where chunky rocks have jutted outwards and upwards over time to form lush turquoise bays.
Throughout our travels we haven’t yet found another place with such a gorgeous selection of beaches as in Puerto Escondido.
The long stretches of Zicatela and La Punta are home to the famous surfers paradise of the mighty ‘MexPipe.’ World class surfers take the pilgrimage to Puerto whenever a big swell is predicted. Watching these fearless surfers drop and come through huge barrel waves is ridiculously scary and awesome at the same time.
We like to watch sunset and enjoy a cocktail from one of the many bars and restaurants on fabulous Zicatela where horses trot by and surfers bob on the waves.
The town beaches of Playa Marinero and Playa Principal are more sheltered, fishing boats drop anchor here and boats whizz up onto the beach over laid out palm tree logs to deliver their daily catch to market. Families and boogie boarders play in the waters edges with much hilarity.

Further north around the cliffs are the friendly bays of Playa Manzanillo and Puerto Angelito. Coaches unload holiday makers to the many beach bars here where its safe to snorkel and swim. On a good clear day underwater there’s a great selection of fish to view swimming around the rocks. We like to hang out under a shady palapa on the loungers covered with bright Mexican throws, order guacamole and drink cervezas here. It is heavenly.

If you’re feeling energetic you can skip down the concrete steps to the gorgeous cove of Playa Carrizalillo, swim in the deep waters and sunbathe in the glimmering sunlight. You feel a tad out of breath getting back up to the top but it’s so worth it!

Playa Bachoco is one of the more deserted beaches is Puerto, you can walk along the long expanse of sandy ridges while waves crash down next to you. Baby Turtles are released here to battle through the foam and hopefully onto their new sealife.
A fun day trip to Playa Roca Blanca is just a 30 minute drive north out of Puerto. There are beachside palapa restaurants where the catch of the day was swimming around that morning. The seafood is as fresh as fresh can be! Swimming can be a challenge as waves can be rough and I’ve yet to visit here when someone hasn’t been knocked over unaware by a rogue salty seawater smack in the face. You can walk here for miles and miles and it’s stunning.
South of Puerto there are plenty of beaches to visit, starting with Tierra Blanca and El Tomatal which are very unspoilt and pretty much deserted. Us Brits love to take a picnic, chairs and a sunshade umbrella. It’s a lovely lazy day and we have smugly said to ourselves “There are worst places to be on a Thursday afternoon..!”

A short 30 minute drive from Puerto takes you to Playa Agua Blanca, this is definitely one of my favourite beaches. When we first visited Puerto back in 1998 this stretch of beach was totally deserted and offered no shade. You couldn’t buy sunshades then so we sat sweltering on towels sharing beers from a coolbox, but now there is a hotel right on the beach offering basic accommodation and plenty of palapa restaurants to spend the day in. When the tide goes out after scoffing a delicious seafood lunch, it’s fun to play in the shallow rock pools spotting tiny bright blue and orange fish, collecting shells and digging for sand dollars.
Further south are the hippie relaxed beaches towns of Mazunte, San Agustinillo and Zipolite.
There are lots of cabana beachfront rooms to rent and community style campsites are available right on the beach for free and easy backpackers who travel with their guitars and drums. At the far end of Zipolite you can strip off and tan all your birthday suit on the only dedicated nudist beach on the coast, it’s an eye opener as a variety of bits swing by!
For my birthday we stayed just around the bay from Mazunte looking over windswept Playa Mermejita. Our hotel OceanoMar had a splendid rustic feel with lovely boutique amenities and decorations. It was a wonderful stay and one of my happiest birthdays spent with our lovely friends Keith and Sue.
A ninety minute drive south from Puerto takes you to the main planned resort for Oaxaca. Manicured Huatulco with beautiful tarmac roads has 9 bays with a cute palm roofed International Airport that bring in package holiday makers, to one of their plush all inclusive hotels.
There are plenty of smaller hotels and bargains to be had though. It’s a very different town in comparison to Puerto and a fun diversion for a few days away.  At Quinta Bella Hotel each room has a spacious terrace and dip pool that looks out to the beach. We have also stayed on a couple of occasions at Binniguenda All Inclusive Hotel, which is a smaller resort hotel just a few minutes walk away from the beach, with a lovely family run feel and plenty of drinks on offer to sip by the pool.
We have totally loved living in Puerto Escondido with healthy outdoor living and happy beachlife. Leaving here is going to be tough,  but we have many great memories that will last long after the tan on our toes has faded.

“At the beach, life is different.
Time doesn’t move hour to hour, but mood to moment.
We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the Sun.”


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