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  1. Hi Sarah, Well its only been a few hours since we said our goodbyes, yet it is all so surrel. I hope ( and know ) that you have the most amazing time ever! do everything, buy everything, taste everything, do it do it do it!! keep in touch and we can see how our new homes compare 🙂
    Love Elliott

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  2. Hello Sarah,

    Happy New Year to you and Bradley. I thought of you two again today after reading an article about an American couple who sold/donated and otherwise relinquished most of their worldly possessions to live and travel in other parts of the world (in this case, Panama). So very interesting to experience different cultures and traditions, and so great that you are willing to share your experiences. We, on the other hand, are snug in our house while on our fifth or sixth day of a good old Saskatchewan ‘extreme cold warning’ (which is when the temperature + wind chill dips to -40 or colder) and is an experience I no longer care for 🙂

    ‘You ok?’ makes me chuckle every time I think of it. All the best…Sharon

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  3. Hey hey chilly Andersons!
    Funnily enough we thought of you after seeing the weather report for Regina at -40 yesterdsy and advice to plug in your cars!
    Its been scorching here today…
    Happy New Year to you both, super to hear from you xx


    1. Hello again, Sarah.

      It appears there are many ways to see the world … check out this crazy couple on motorcycles and sleeping in a tent in Saskatchewan in the winter. Can’t imagine they thought this out entirely.

      Hope all is well with you and Bradley. We are still in ‘survive the cold’ mode 🙂

      Take care,


      1. Oh my goodness – get in the Brits!! I absolutely admire them for what will be an amazing adventure. However
        the camping in Canada in winter bit – not a chance!
        Keep warm you lovely Saskatchewan folks xx


  4. Sarah & Brad:

    You OK? I just had an eye full of your travel stories and it certainly seems as though you are having a great time. Of course, I envy you both but I’m tickled to death for you.
    It’s starting to warm up here on the prairies and spring is in the air. Safe travels to you both and ‘don’t forget to breath’



    1. Hey hey Ituna
      We are OK! Just posted an update with news of car problems in week 1!
      Changing plans and there’ll be more travels elsewhere for sure.
      Glad to hear its warming up for you hardy Northerners :0)
      Keep it touch xx


  5. Hi, My name is Samuel and I am attempting to start my own travel blog and I was wondering whether you had any tips for me or could aid mein anyway, I really would be grateful, Thanks a million!


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